Welcome to As the founder of The Outdoor Wire ( and six other outdoor news services, I've spent years covering all parts of the outdoors and the outdoors as an industry. As a journalist, I'm closing in on 40 years of covering the courts, economics and general news. I'm accustomed to covering financial, legal and breaking news stories. And I've always tried to remain a dispassionate observer, keeping my opinion out of stories unless they were clearly labeled as opinion.

Over the past ten years publishing The Outdoor Wire, I've watched while many of our rights have been under constant attack.

Today, the Second Amendment is my immediate concern. Anti-gun activist groups have joined hands with like-minded politicians to limit our right to "keep and bear arms." Ultimately, their goal is to see all of us disarmed.

Maybe it's just me, but I still believe the founding fathers didn't grant us the right spelled out in the Second Amendment, they recognized and acknowledged our God-given right to own the tools that allow us to protect our families from threats. One of those recognized threats was a government seeking control over every aspect of our lives.

Well, I've covered stories in countries where the people are disarmed. None of them was ever good news.

We've reached a crucial point in our nation's history. Groups that don't reflect the underlying principles of the United States aren't just active, they're militant, moving quickly, and doing everything they can to convince each of us that our individual opinion doesn't matter, that we're "out of touch with modern society". That's because they know there really are more of us than there are of them, but they're counting on each one of us to do nothing.

So I'm putting dispassionate observation on the shelf for the time being because because this is my time to stand. I'm asking you to stand with me. And I'm taking my Jeep and hitting the road to ask as many of you as I can reach, face-to-face, to stand with me. is what I hope will become our gathering point, and the website where I'll be documenting my trip and providing information to help you more effectively represent your viewpoint to others. Not just the people who agree with us, but people who have no opinion, and those who say they believe in curbing- or eliminating- the Second Amendment. A civil discourse, based on facts, not emotion, will change minds.

If you agree, I'd ask you to join me by adding your email address to the hundreds who have already agreed to make this summer "MyTime2Stand".


Jim Shepherd
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Proud Supporter of the U.S. Constitution
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